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EKHLA Core Values

Character Education

At EKHLA we feel the education of the “whole child” is the key to true success. Academics partnered with strong character are the magic recipe. We provide direct lessons on character development tailored to our campus core values in grades K-5. These core values are then infused into appropriate lessons at the middle school level. This all ties together with our K-8 student positive behavior initiative where students work towards earning independence on campus by exhibiting a certain level of self-managing behavior. This, we hope, then transitions into students who become conscientious citizens in our society.

Our Core Value examples:

Repairing the World
(תיקון עולם)

K Keep your work area clean
1st Taking care of classroom materials
2nd Helping others
3rd Use positive statements and/or declarations to others
4th Work in groups appropriately
5th Offer compliments to others
6th Model positive behavior for younger children
7th Volunteer for own classroom community
8th Volunteer for campus community

Respect, Tolerance and Acceptance
(כבוד, סובלנות וקבלה)

K Sharing
1st Being polite
2nd Follows directions
3rd Allows others to work
4th Take turns talking
5th Expresses self clearly
6th Monitor personal space for self and others
7th Self-advocate appropriately
8th Control your own actions and reactions


K Tell the truth
1st Keep your promises
2nd Turn homework in on time
3rd Acknowledge good in others
4th Take responsibility for your own actions
5th Modeling community behavior for younger students
6th Positive self-presentation
7th Provide solutions instead of complaints
8th Demonstrate honesty with all academics


K Offer help
1st Do someone a favor
2nd Comfort friends
3rd Encourage others
4th Articulate positive language
5th Show sportsmanship
6th Assisting others
7th Participate in positive conversations
8th Involvement in school-wide projects



K Show something you love
1st Demonstrate use of good tone of voice in school
2nd Demonstrate careful/neat work on assignments
3rd Show effort in all areas of learning
4th Use positive statements about yourself and learning
5th Demonstrate self-initiative with learning or teaching
6th Demonstrate consistency in organizational skills
7th Demonstrate persistence in study skills
8th Prove ability to problem-solve and lead classroom groups


Curiosity, Creativity, and Learning
(סקרנות, יצירתיות ולמידה)

K Ask questions in class
1st Complete class jobs with efficiency
2nd Connect what you are learning to your life
3rd Make connections between subjects
4th Share learning strategies or practice with your classmates
5th Demonstrate knowledge effectively
6th Show processes with learning
7th Work with others with purpose
8th Lead others with motivation for learning