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8th Grade Israel

Every year, 8th graders have an opportunity to travel to Israel with their classmates. The students can use this once-in-a-lifetime trip to be immersed in the Hebrew language they have learned with native Israelis and explore the Israeli culture and its history.

In the past, students have visited places and enjoyed activities in Israel such as:

  • Tiberius (boat cruise along the Sea of Galilee)
  • The Golan Heights
  • Tzfat (The Gallery of Mystical Art)
  • Haifa (Baha’i Gardens)
  • Jerusalem (The Western Wall / Mt. Olives–panoramic view of the Old City/Shuk–Outdoor market/The Via Dolorosa)
  • Masada (Camel rides in the desert)
  • The Dead Sea (Visit the warm salty waters at the lowest point of the earth)
  • Tel Aviv (Rabin Square/Jaffa–one of the most beautiful places in Israel with authentic markets)
  • and much more! The trip is very fun and exciting!