Excellence Luncheon 5/26/21 & 5/27/21

EKHLA Excellence Virtual Event - May 26-27
"The EKHLA Excellence Luncheon will gather parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends to celebrate the successes and future of EKHLA.  Each year we will have honorees who exemplify the school's most cherished values. Seated lunch, performances by students, and presentations by our school leaders make for a meaningful and successful annual fundraiser. Proceeds from the event are used for specific items needed for the school."

As EKHLA forges through the 8th year as a successful open enrollment public charter school, I am
excited to chair the upcoming 5th annual EKHLA Excellence Virtual Event (in lieu of the luncheon).
This online event will celebrate the academic excellence of the school as a whole and its students
individually, as well as fundraise to support continued excellence. We will honor 5 devoted EKHLA
parents and volunteers: Amber Alwais, Brianna Eilers, Monica Miller, Elizabeth Quiroz, and
Sandra Wadiche. These exceptional parents are committed leaders in our school community and
avid supporters of EKHLA who have each served as EKHLA PTO board members for several
years. The virtual event will take place on May 26-27, 2021.

Our goal is to raise $75,000 to help fund shade structures for the playground and other outdoor
equipment that will greatly enhance each student’s experience at school. And we need YOUR
SUPPORT to help EKHLA reach that goal. The program will include performances and presentations by EKHLA students, updates from school leadership, student art displays, and more.

Our sponsorship levels reflect a variety of exciting new options that accommodate the virtual nature
of our event this year. We will be honoring ALL sponsors (Copper level and above) with a
personally engraved metal leaf, acorn, stone, or mini tree on our brand new Donation Tree
installation (see attached). In addition, higher level sponsors (Excellence level and above) will receive
a beautiful plaque or name plate located outside a classroom or dwelling of their choice. Being a
sponsor at any level this year will offer year round recognition for your unwavering support of our
beloved school.
Attached you will find the Save the Date, Payment Form, Sponsorship Info Form, and Donation Tree Photos
and Info. Please Note: Sponsorships received by March 4th will be recognized in the official Event Invitation.
We appreciate your continued support to keep EKHLA Excellent!
Thank you,
Vicki Levy Adelstein
Event Chair

QUESTIONS? Please call (210) 885-0904 or email EKHLAfundraiser@gmail.com

QUESTIONS? Please email  EKHLAfundraiser@gmail.com

If any EKHLA family is employed by a Corporation/Company that has a matching fund program please email tawilg@ekhla.org. We can provide the proper documentation, for companies with a matching funds initiative, and verify if EKHLA is currently signed up with them as a 501(c)(3).