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The Special Education Information Center (SPEDTex) provides resources and interactive features for increasing family awareness of disabilities and special education processes, with the goal of improving partnerships between schools and families.

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EKHLA Transition Resources

Families experience changes many times throughout life. The better prepared one’s family is for transitions the quicker they adjust. Some transitions are complicated and unfortunately many families that have children with disabilities are usually under-informed about adult services. For those families, post-secondary transition is a particularly stressful time of life. Consider that families experience three aspects of transition when a child is preparing to graduate: a bureaucratic transition from school to adult agencies, a transition in the family’s life, and a transition in the child’s growth to adulthood (Ferguson, Ferguson, & Jones, 1988).

EKHLA’s Special Education Department is committed to facilitating students’ growth to young adulthood through both transition planning and the delivery of transition services. Because post-secondary transition is such a complicated effort, your support helps lay the foundation for its work which begins in elementary school and continues through middle and high school.

EKHLA accomplishes the important work of transition planning by empowering families and providing students the tools needed to overcome many of the challenges they will face as young adults and throughout life.

I encourage you to explore the links on this page; it is never too early to begin planning for life after graduation. To illustrate this point, consider that the Department Health and Human Services has a 10-12 year long waiting list for Home and Community-based Services (Retrieved from Texas Department of Health and Human Services website: SpedSupport.Tea.Texas) if a family would like to consider this type of support, they would need to apply when the child is eight years old or in the 3rd grade to be at the front of the list when they turn 18 or are in their senior year of high school.


Please contact EKHLA’s special education coordinator or your the District Transition and Employment Designee for further information.

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Texas Special Ed Support Site

Meet the TED! Did you know there’s someone in your school district who is responsible for connecting students and their families with resources for transition planning? This person is called the Transition and Employment Services Designee, or “TED.” Most TEDs have other roles, so your TED may also be the special education director, a counselor, or a teacher. If you have questions about your transition plan or want help finding resources, contact the TED in your school district. 

Marguerite Cushanick

Transition and Employment Designee (TED)


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