Curriculum » Hebrew


We offer a partial immersion Hebrew language program with high foreign language standards. All students receive Hebrew instruction daily. K-5th grade classes have an hour of Hebrew instruction each day, while 6th-8th grade classes have Hebrew instruction for 45 minutes daily. All other academic classes are taught primarily in English, though Hebrew is used and reinforced on a limited basis in some of these classes.

Middle school graduates of EKHLA are expected to achieve Hebrew language proficiency and may qualify to receive 1-3
years of high school foreign language credit. When we expand from K-8th grade to K-12th grade, high school graduates of the EKHLA will be expected to achieve Hebrew language fluency, obtain high school language credit, and potentially perform well on the Modern Hebrew SAT Subject Test which would potentially make them eligible to receive college language credit.

Many studies have shown that learning a second language increases both cognitive and creative ability. The history of the Hebrew language dates back at least 3,000 years. Hebrew is now the official language of Israel, a growing nation of significant geo-political importance and an important world player especially in the area of technology.