Hot Lunch Orders

EKHLA is excited to offer hot delicious catered meals 3 times a week, starting Sept 8, 2021 on MWF. 


A MATTER OF TASTE CATERING has been in business since 1996.   The company was started and is owned by Laura and Marc Barowski.  Laura has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Home Economics from California State University, Long Beach.  She has 40 years experience in the service industry, 12 of which were in the airline and hotel industry.  Marc comes from Management of a Fortune 100 company with over 25 years of experience in the service industry.


Our main commercial Kitchen is centrally located at 3300 Nacogdoches Rd, Suite 220, in North Central/MacArthur Park area of San Antonio.  At this location, catered meals are prepared.


A MATTER OF TASTE CATERING caters Hot Lunch daily to 13 Private Schools and Day Cares in the San Antonio area.  Lunches are prepared on site for five of our Schools: San Antonio Christian Schools (both Upper School and Elementary), St. George Episcopal School, Christian School at Castle Hills and St. Anthony Catholic School.


The goal of “AMOT” is to encourage students to eat a well balanced meal by offering foods that are appetizing and nutritious.  We offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, foods that are baked, not fried.  

AMOT continuously strives to improve the nutritional quality and student acceptance of school meals by developing new recipes, offering as many choices as possible, focusing on food presentation and promoting healthy food selections.