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Transitional Awareness Breathing (TAB) K-8

Course: Transition Awareness Breathing (TAB) Teacher: Eartha Powell Head Heart Fingers and Toes Readers (h2ftr) Email: Grades Kinder - 8th 


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 Course Description: Transition Awareness Breathing (TAB) is an eight-week program that meets weekly. TAB is adapted for elementary and middle school aged children. This course is specifically tailored for children who could benefit from learning how to relax and work in a stressful or changing environment. Through eight sessions students learn how to be positively aware of their surroundings physically and emotionally in a nonjudgmental environment. As a result, the child helps build their successful learning environment. Sessions are once a week for 30 minutes – Group size is dependent on grade level. 


 Students will learn imagery meditation, relaxation breathing, sensory awareness, brain exercises, yoga stretches, awareness games and activities to positively strengthen environmental awareness. 

 GOAL 1: is to provide each student with tools and resources to use in a variety of settings to positively enhance relaxation and learning. There are many stressors tugging at our children. Transition Awareness Breathing (TAB) will teach students how to use transitional awareness skills when faced with challenges or change. This is not a quick fix solution program. It is a program of action. Although sessions are weekly for 30 minutes, students will be given practice homework. The more the student practices newly learned skills, the more skills will become a natural response to everyday ups and downs. 

 GOAL 2: is to mobilize transition awareness skills into the everyday practice. Participants will be asked to share what they have learned with their family. Students will be asked to use their skills at least once a day for 5-10 minutes, in between sessions. 

 Communication Style: Motivational Interviewing style (open-ended questioning and facilitation) is the major style with a blend of “growth-mind set”(encouragement to try again) will be used. Student will learn and practice in small group settings. 

o Music, stories and games have been incorporated into the program to help participants to understand the session topics and concepts 


Eartha Powell