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Our open enrollment public charter school is a welcoming, risk-free environment, set up to help young minds develop a love for learning. EKHLA’s curriculum is structured to follow the student-centered workshop model. Our students are guided to be lifelong readers, writers, and critical thinkers. We encourage them to be resourceful, expressive and reflective, providing them with tools to use their creativity and develop their ideas.
EKHLA uses the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards as the basis for its curriculum. EKHLA uses a variety of techniques, including differential instruction and the workshop model, to ensure that the quality of education is strong. In addition, EKHLA complies with all of the educational requirements that public schools in Texas must meet. All children at EKHLA are motivated to work at the highest level of their abilities.
EKHLA provides academic excellence to students within a nurturing environment. We are committed to personalized academics utilizing differential instruction and proven teaching methods such as the workshop model, hands-on inquiry based learning, and interdisciplinary team teaching to enhance and deepen the learning experience.
Service learning allows students to become socially responsible by volunteering in the community. Performing acts of service encourages students to become educated citizens of the world, understanding their rights and responsibilities as members of our global community.