Great First Day EKHLA Families 8/17/20

Dear EKHLA Families,
Hooray!!!!  We had a great first day and the staff was so excited to see the faces of our students! 
We had a few ups and some downs but we greatly appreciate all of your patience and support as we fixed the kinks with technology and schedules. We appreciate all you are doing at home with the students to help us carry out our distance learning program the best way possible. 
As we answered parent calls for help today, here are some of the lessons we learned (because, I promise you, we are learning too) and tried to share with parents:
  • You must login through Clever to access Google Classroom.
  • If you are working with an IPad or on a phone, the "Meet Link" does not show up at the top of the page. You have to download the "Meet" app for the Meet icon to show up on the Classroom so students can access the live meeting.  If you can not see the meeting link on your desktop, laptop, or chrome book, then email  
  • Stemscopes login username and password is the last digits after the zeros of your email password that was printed on the paper you received with materials picked up last week. But, when you go through Clever, you should not have to login with a username or password for Stemscopes.
  • Sometimes when you have multiple Google accounts on one device, it confuses the device when signing in and out of different programs. Make sure you are signed out of all Google accounts except the student in question to make programs run smoother.
  • Towards the end of last week, the school sent parents an email that included your student's schedule and a tutorial video of  how to use the Google Classroom platform.  
Now that the first day is behind us and the students have learned how to navigate the Google Classrooms a little better, we will be moving to the regular schedule tomorrow. That means, students will start in the Google Classroom Meet link of the first subject of their personal schedules instead of opening the Meet Link in Homeroom. When the schedule says Synchronous, students will join the Meet Link for the specific subject listed in their schedule. When the schedule says Asynchronous, students will go into the Classwork tab for the specific subject to see what the lesson is for the day so they can complete the work on their own. Please look at schedules tonight so students are clear on what classes to enter and the times they need to enter those classes. Students in 3rd through 8th grade should have the meeting time listed in the title of their classroom to help students remember meeting times. Please remember that for whatever reason a student can not join the live Meet time, that student can go to the Classwork tab in the google classroom and watch recorded videos and access the work to complete. Recordings will be uploaded by 4pm as teachers may still be teaching all day and may not have the time to upload the recording right away.
There will be no special classes (art, music, character development, and library) this week as we all adjust to the online learning environment. Starting next week, students in K through 5th grade will have the following schedule for specials classes:
  • Monday - Art
  • Tuesday - Music
  • Wednesday - none
  • Thursday - Character Development
  • Friday - Library
Technology class will not be pushed out for Kinder through 5th grade since those Texas State Standards are being met through student engagement with the online platform. 
We hope every student had the chance to go live and meet with teachers and fellow classmates online today, but if they weren't able to do so, please make sure they complete the work for today by clicking on the Classwork Tab in the Homeroom class to be accounted for attendance. As we mentioned in previous emails, student attendance is collected one of two ways: (1) Students login into the Google Meet and have a live meeting with the teacher, and/or (2) Students complete work for the day and hand in the assignment by 11:59am the day the assignment was assigned. 
This week, on Thursday, August 20, 2020, we will be selling EKHLA spirit wear from 7:30am to 3:30pm in the Gym. We are not assigning specific times, but please wear a mask and observe the markers for social distancing. Due to COVID-19, we will not be taking cash, only credit/debit cards or checks. 
Have a great night and we will "see" you all tomorrow!